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Size Guide

Measuring Tips

To ensure the best fit, please use this guide to take your measurements.  Sizes vary especially in the up-cycled goods collection. You’ll need a soft measuring tape.  Measurements can be taken alone or with a friend.


Place one end of the measuring tape at the fullest part of the breast, wrapping it under your arms, across the back and then back around to the front to match with the other end. 

Natural Waist

Your natural waist is located above the belly button and just below your rib cage.  It is the narrowest part of your trunk.  Wrap the measuring tape horizontally around this space.  If you wear your pants lower, measure where the top of your pants normally sits. 


Keep your legs together and place the measuring tape at hip level.  Wrap from hip to hip around the largest part of your buttock. 


This measurement is used for pants and is the distance between the innermost thigh to the ankle.  If you are by yourself, find a pair of pants that are the length you like to wear and measure from crotch to hem.  Make sure to wear shoes to better ensure the hem hits the right spot.  Heels and flats make a big difference! With a friend?  Wear your pants with the right pair of shoes and have your friend measure from the inside of the crotch to the hem of the pants. 


Sizing concerns? Please reach out to us!